your horse is dead

I did it! I mean, I kind of did it! A week ago I very excitedly decided that I'd make something for 7DRL, just because, and here we are, a day late but WE HAVE ARRIVED!

This game is meant to be a narrative, walking-simulator roguelike, where the player walks through various tiny set pieces that are generated and placed at random, eventually finding a Salon where they can sit down and have a drink, ending the game.

The world grows out from the center in a loose spiral made up of square tiles. Each tile is assigned a type: wasteland, dip, mound, or unique. Once the set number of tiles is generated if a tile has an exposed edge it is turned into a cliff-face to stop the player from falling off the world. The player is then assigned to any unique tile that is also a cliff. All remaining unique cliffs are removed from the pool. The Salon is then placed at the opposite end of the unique pool. The remaining unique tiles are then given scenery from another pool (currently only made up of the one campfire tile).

The main feature I am disappointed I did not get to include was a more natural world generation. I really wanted to include dry riverbeds cutting through the sand, and the world bounds were supposed to create more canyon like areas. Currently you can find the Salon but interacting with the glass will result in your character becoming frozen in place, forcing you to Pause > Quit. Not the most elegant of end-games but it'll have to do for now.

The world I managed to build is still interesting to me in a lot of ways. I very stubbornly avoided tutorials for most of the week, specifically in regards to generating levels. This lead to a lot of forced breaks, but I think it also helped me develop a deeper understanding of basic procedural systems. I find it hard to learn without doing the thing yourself and encountering all the possible errors... but maybe not something to do during a game jam. :/

Thinking in terms of how something could look or be, rather than how it is, is pretty wild. I still prefer working in a more linear fashion but I'm definitely going to look for ways to include procedural systems in future projects!

I'm not finished with DEAD HORS and plan on implementing the rest of the features, and hopefully will have time to share the process with you. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!

- Charlie


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Mar 09, 2020


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